Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates (Pakistan)

Architecture / Structure Engineer/ Landscape Architecture / Site Campus Master Planning / City/Town/Urban Planning / Infra Structure / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Municipal Engineering / Interior Decoration Environmental / Engineering Project Management / Construction Management

Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates (Pakistan)

Founded in 1952 by Syed Sibtain Sadiq Naqvi and Pirzada Aslam Raza Siddiquie, Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates is one of the oldest firm of Pakistan, initially dealing in providing the Architectural services to the best liking of their valued Clients who on their satisfaction by the distinguished taste, high skill and prompt services had themselves became a source of an advertisement all over Pakistan and abroad, hence the local offices were established. In addition to the Architectural services, this firm on its expansion, later on, was involved in providing services in the field of Engineering, Town Planning, Interior Decoration, Construction and Project Management.

Before migrating to Pakistan and during their study period of 1943 47 both the Principal Partners had worked with Prof. M. A. Mirza, a renowned Architect and head of Architecture apartment, Delhi Polytechnic, on Women's Educational Complex of Aligarh Muslim University. Pirzada Aslam Raza Siddiquie had also worked with another renowned German Architect Mr. K.M. Heinze on Jamia Millia Institute at Okhla Delhi which is now known as Dr. Zakir Hussain University, Delhi, "Palaces" of almost all the Indian States Rulers and Lucknow Airport. After migrating to Pakistan, they started their practice in Karachi from December, 1947. With a view to familiarize themselves with the environmental and working conditions of this region, both of them affiliated themselves with some of the well known professional organizations in Karachi. However in January 1950 they pooled in their talents and resources and established a firm by the name of M/s Archensures Limited. The name Archensures was derived from the professions of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Planners. Later on, it was realized that this name gives an impression of being foreign a firm, and so it was decided to change it to M/s Naqvi & Siddiquie to reflect the National image and the firm by its got registered by its new name as a Partnership Organization in 1952.

The firm employs a selected group of qualified professional personnel with wide experience and background, capable of independent thinking and action. Besides, some of the top and specialized Consultants of United States of America, France, England, Germany, Canada and Australia etc. are associated with the firm. In addition we have got joint Venture Offices at Riyadh, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Libya and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Naqvi & Siddiquie Associates is offering its services since 1952, and during this long span of service to the Nation and the Muslim World the firm has gained experience and expertise in all professional fields such as:


Structure Engineer

Landscape Architecture

Site Campus Master Planning

City/Town/Urban Planning

Infra Structure

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Interior Decoration

Environmental Engineering

Project Management

Construction Management

 Beside the above professional services being provided in house as well as to abroad, in consideration the present requirements of business as well as the time factor & value, our firm has started to provide the facilities of AUTOMATION SERVICES which is not only for the professionals of this field but it will also be offered to the intellectuals. The main aim of providing automation services is to provide the required data/drawings of all services in CD’S / DISKETTES instead of number of sheets These services will be of less cost, less space & less pace than the normal working by utilizing the manpower and by wasting the money in shape of raw materials & workmanship. In all respects this services will be beneficial for the Professionals in the field of Architecture & Engineering. These facilities will also serve to Businessmen to protect and update their business and business activities.

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Muhammad Imran
B-1-B-2, Awami Markaz Main Shahra-e-Faisal
Contact Number:
03013382895, 34532324-34532349-34330077-34540648-34540141


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